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For organizations that are responsible for marketing a place or area, such as a Convention and Visitor's Bureau or Chamber of Commerce, GeoConsensus gives you a powerful and integrated toolset for connecting your local member businesses with new customers.

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In the Real World: Destination Marketing Organizations  (short version)
In the Real World: Destination Marketing Organizations  (full version)
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Whitefish, Montana: A Case Study

Using the Whitefish Convention and Visitor's Bureau, located in Whitefish, Montana as an example, let's look at how GeoConsensus works for a Destination Marketing Organization:

Whitefish, Montana is a small town in northwestern Montana. Only 25 miles from Glacier National Park, and with a major destination ski resort, tourism is a very important part of the town's economy.

Empower your Members and Local Community to tell the Story of their Place

Using GeoConsensus, individual member businesses can log-on, and update their business information, add new events to the calendar of events, add group activities, specials and packages.

Beyond just the text information, member businesses can easily add images, upload video or embedded videos, add documents such as menus and sound files.

Each member can look to see how many times each month the public is viewing their content online -- it provides a real tangible value to members to have the ability to manage their information, and get a direct report on how many times people are viewing it.

Valuable and Rich Content for the Travel Planning Public

The travel planning public experiences this information at the town's tourism planning site:

Here they can see the detailed information about each member business, see the latest specials and events. An interactive map allows visitors to get a geographical perspective on what's where in Whitefish.

Visitors can order a Free Travel Planner or sign up to keep in touch with eNewsletters from Whitefish. When a user signs up, they can also save the places and information they value most into their favorites, and share that list out via email to their friends or family.

Integrated Fulfillment and Tracking

When a Travel Planner is ordered online, the source of the Subscriber is automatically set to "Online Subscriber". The responsible fulfillment person logs on and accesses a report that shows all recently requested material that have not been sent yet. By selecting all, the fulfillment person can easily download an Excel file with all the names and address information which can easily be used for creating mailing labels.

Managing Relationships with your Subscribers (aka Your Travel Leads)

The time and date of the download and the person doing the fulfillment is tracked on the Subscriber's record.

Additional information about a Subscriber is very helpful in managing the relationship. The Subscriber can indicate the specific types of information they are interested in. These are called Subscriber Attributes. The Opt-in / Opt-Out status of a subscriber is also automatically managed and can be set.

Track Your Campaigns: An Integrated "Sales Pipeline"

GeoConsensus provides for the ability of the Whitefish Convention and Visitors Bureau to manage their full marketing pipeline.

Quickly walking through the pipeline from marketing campaign to customer will help provide insight to the power that GeoConsensus can bring to your Destination Marketing Organization.

Integrated Campaign Tracker

Marketing and advertisement campaigns can be set up under the Campaigns tab.

Online campaigns are digitally tracked through the campaign manager, tracking the number of impressions and clicks for your online campaigns. GeoConsensus will go a step further, and track how many people signup at your site as a result of a specific campaign -- becoming Subscribers.

For example, Whitefish runs a campaign. We can see how many impressions the campaign has generated, how many people have clicked on the campaign, and how many people became Subscribers because of the campaign. The campaign tracker tool allows you to focus your advertising resources in the most productive places.

Making the Most of your Subscribers (aka Leads)

Under Subscribers, I can see a list now of all people who have signed up from the campaign.

I can assign Subscriber Sources to any list when they are added to the CRM. For example, if I generate 250 new leads from a Travel Show, I can assign that Show as the Subscriber Source.

Keep In Touch With Your Subscribers through easy eNewsletters

While Subscribers have the ability to see and interact with content on your site that is maintained and managed by your members, you can also communicate directly with your Subcribers using eNewsletter tools.

Whitefish sends eNewsletters on a regular basis to all its Subscribers. It takes four quick steps to create a new eNewsletter:

  • Give the eNewsletter a Name and a Subject Line -- pick the graphical header for the eNewsletter.
  • Select a List -- you can send to all your Subscribers and Members -- or you can send to a custom list based on the Subscriber Source or the specific Interests your Subscribers have indicated. or example, you can send a Bird Watching eNewsletter just to the people who said they were interested in Bird Watching.
  • Select the Content you want to feature in your eNewsletter -- this is content that has already been developed in the CMS -- by your members.
  • Preview the eNewsletter  -- Unlock and SEND

After an eNewsletter has been sent - you can track what happened to the eNewsletter -- How many times it was Opened -- How many times it Bounced - How many Times a Subscriber -Unsubscribed -- all of this is taken care of automatically by GeoConsensus.

You can even see how many times each content item in your eNewsletter was clicked on.

This translates back to your Subscriber -- where you can see whether they opened or didn't open any particular eNewsletter sent to them.

Getting Beyond the "Brochureware" to Offer What your Potential Customers Really Want

Developing a new customer for a travel destination comes by telling a great and authentic story about the place -- told best by your members! Reach out to new people to tell them the story of your place -- and keep in touch with them. They may plan their trip for next weekend -- or maybe it will be next year -- but you will generate new visitors and customers for your destination by effectively telling the story of your place -- and GeoConsensus allows you to do this through an integrated, easy-to-use toolset.

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