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Use a place-based content management system for your place-based mobile application. You can develop a custom mobile application using GeoConsensus to manage your content, or use the GeoConsensus place-based mobile application framework to quickly and at lower cost deploy a powerful mobile application.

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Landing screen when users first load the GeoConsensus mobile app.
Users can select the types of content they would like to be shown on the SHOW ME screen.
Users can view content that is around them based on their SHOW ME selections.
MAP VIEW allows a User to see where they in context to content around them on an interactive, zoomable map. As the user moves, their location marker will move also.
Users can switch the map view from an atlas style map to a satellite image map.
Users can see detailed information about location content, custom to your own content model, including images, driving directions and more.

The power of smart phone technology allows app users to get location information based on their current location. For travel and visitor guide purposes, using the GeoConsensus mobile app framework you can quickly deploy an application that provides visitors with information about the places you want them to know about right around them.

Some key functionality of the GeoConsensus mobile application framework include:

SHOW ME: A list of content types custom to your content model. An application user can select the specific content types they want to display. If new content types are added to your site, they become available to all users of your mobile applications.

NEAR ME: Near me allows users to see content types they have selected in SHOW ME based on the user's current location. Places are displayed as a screen list with the most nearby content at the top of the list in descending order, with the distance away from the user's location and the ability to get driving directions and see their location in context to the location of the information they are interested in.

MAP VIEW: Displays a map with the User’s current location on the map. The content that they User has selected on their SHOW ME screen is viewable on the map as small icons. The icons are customized for your specific application.

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